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How To Build Flexible Muscles

Eliminate Soreness and Muscle Pulls

Want to know the professional body builders secret to injury prevention? You might be surprised to know that it's yoga!

Pro body builders can't afford to be slowed down by injuries, so they use yoga to improve their flexibility, their musculoskeletal system and their balance.

To find out how you too can prevent injuries, and maximize your workouts by using yoga, go here:


Anyone who has worked out to any degree in any athletic endeavor has experienced muscle pulls, muscle soreness and joint pain.

Those of us who have worked out for a long period of time experience a variety of aches and pains that go with the territory.

Often the pain we suffer is from joint problems and deep muscle bruises.

These were developed over a long period of abusing our bodies with weight training, distance running and contact sports like football and rugby.

In order to avoid ending up like us broken-down-old-wrecks, a budding bodybuilder should adhere to a few basic rules.

Basic Rules

  • Rule Number 1 - Always warm your body up before embarking on your workout routine. This means to do some cardio until you break a sweat. Stretching out is not warming up and should be left until after you are sweating or you risk injury. After you are warmed and stretched, then get into your iron pumping.
  • Rule Number 2 - Make sure your movements utilize the full range of movement of the muscles and joints. Weight loaded equipment that allows for a full range of movement, like Nautilus, goes a long way towards preventing athletic injury.
  • Rule Number 3 - Never hyper-extend your joints. When you injure a joint your body tries to prevent future injury by shoring up the joint with calcium. These deposits cause even more discomfort while working out . . . and they don't go away.
  • Rule Number 4 - Never lift more than your skeletal structure can handle. Often we build our muscles stronger that our bones and joints. This is a sure recipe for disaster if we keep lifting monstrous weights.
  • Rule Number 5 - The old bodybuilder's adage: "Work out like a bodybuilder, not a weightlifter." Simply put, weightlifters try to lift their heaviest poundage for one repetition. Bodybuilders try to lift heavy weights for multiple reps.

As a bodybuilder, you will still lift heavy weights, but for a minimum of four reps and a maximum of up to eight or ten. When you can do more, increase your weight.

  • Rule Number 6 - Never "cheat" with an exercise. Bouncing a barbell off your chest to overcome that sticking point at the bottom of a bench press will cause injuries.

I've known several gym-rats who cracked their sternum while doing this. It's very painful they said. Rocking your body to perform a heavy biceps curl will do you no good and can injure your biceps.

  • Rule Number 7 - Perform every exercise in a strict fashion through the entire range of muscle movement. You will get more out of the exercise and you won't risk injury.

A bodybuilder's diet is very important to help prevent injuries and to help heal those little aches and pains we do get when the muscle breaks down from heavy lifting.

These are not injuries, but rather are the normal body reaction that results in the tissue being rebuilt bigger and stronger.

We should eat copious amounts of protein and protein supplements. Protein is the building block of muscle tissue. When your system is loaded with protein, the workout teardown is less and our recovery time is short.

We should eat natural "good" fats and oils as they help our bodies metabolize the protein and carry it to the cells faster.

We should supplement our diet with amino acid supplements. Amino acids are produced naturally in the body as part of the protein metabolic process. They are what do the muscle repair and rebuilding.

Lipotropic amino acids will make your muscles heal much faster, eliminating a lot of the aches and pains.

Supplements like glucosomine can help our joints by increasing the cushion between the bones.

If you follow this program your muscles will be more supple and limber, as well as bigger and stronger.


How to Get 6 Pack Abs
Get this Free 28 page E-book
How to get 6-Pack ABs
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