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The Fat Burning Furnace


Rob Poulos has written the definitive book of weight training and dieting in Fat Burning Furnace. Rob advances and proves his theory that you don't have to spend hours and hours in the gym to build your body and lose weight.

Rob is also a living testimonial to the success of his program. After trying to emulate his bodybuilding heroes by spending hours pumping iron, Rob finally realized that his body and metabolism just couldn't build muscle like those muscle magazine cover men.

When he finally did begin to gain weight, it was for the wrong reason... he was overeating and had gotten fat. He then dedicated himself to losing that fat and discovering better ways to work out and build muscle.


The Complete Program:

The result of Rob's research and experimentation is the complete program outlined in Fat Burning Furnace. Rob's contention is that you can convert your entire metabolism into a fat burner by eating the right foods and exercising in the proper manner.

The book points out our genetic predisposition to certain body characteristics, some of which make it hard to gain or lose weight or to pack on any muscle tissue.

Rob is a strong advocate of strength training by pumping iron with the goal of increasing muscle strength and size. It is the increase in muscle size that helps your body to become a fat burning furnace - that and eating the right foods.

Rob points out that if you increase your lean muscle mass by just fifteen pounds (while losing about six or seven pounds of fat) you will actually burn about 700 more calories per day at rest. When active, you will burn even more.

He points out that the ladies should not be concerned about getting "bulky" from lifting weights because they lack the testosterone levels necessary to build bodybuilder muscles. Most of us lack the genetic make up to get huge like Arnold. Even with chemical enhancements, most people will not get that big.

Poulos is also not an advocate of extensive cardiovascular exercising. He claims that long duration, low intensity exercise will burn some fat, but it sends a message to your body that says you need to store more fat to be able to handle that exercise the next time you work out.

Also, says Poulos, long duration exercise may be harmful to your health because as you push past your aerobic limits you ultimately limit your heart and lung capacity as your body gets used to the long exercise period.

The Fat Burning Furnace:

The ebook outlines exercises and nutrition that will maximize your potential and help you develop a strong, lean, fit and good looking body. Maybe not like Arnold's, but one that will look great at the beach or on the tennis court. Also, you will be healthy.

Rob claims that if you follow his routine as outlined, you will get all the benefits of a cardio workout without the dreary time on a Treadmill or Stair Master or Elliptical Stepper. His routine is short and sweet and he is a testimonial to the results - how appealing is that?

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How to Get 6 Pack Abs
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How to get 6-Pack ABs
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